Over the years, Nichols, Newman, Logan, Grey & Lockwood and Dudley, Topper & Feuerzeig develop a sibling relationship. Any deal of significance on St. Thomas was done by D.T.F. and any deal of significance on St. Croix was done by Nichols Newman.


Current Representative to Congress for the U.S. Virgin Islands, Stacy Plaskett, practices law at the Nichols, Newman, Logan, Grey & Lockwood firm, before running and securing her seat in Congress.


George Dudley is the first attorney outside the United States mainland to be elected to the governing council of the American Law Institute.


The law practice that will eventually become Nichols, Newman, Logan, Grey & Lockwood begins its journey at the "Alexander Hamilton Building." It is the same building where a very young Alexander Hamilton worked for a trading company, learned about international finance, learned firsthand the atrocities of slavery and went on to become one of [...]


On April 1, 2019, Dudley, Topper & Feuerzeig merges with Nichols Newman law firm to become Dudley Newman Feuerzeig. When Dudley and Newman first spoke, Newman stated, "This merger will change the legal landscape of the U.S. Virgin Islands for the next 75 years..."


In the summer of 2018, George Dudley reached out to Todd Newman and suggested a merger, Todd responded, "I've been expecting this call for about 10-15 years."


Dudley Topper and Feuerzeig, now with over 40 employees, relocates to newly constructed building in Frederiksberg Gade in Charlotte Amalie.

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